UPDATE: Bureau of Land Management hires people to clean up Sunrise Mountain trash

UPDATE SEPT. 23: The Bureau of Land Management has put someone in charge to clean up the trash found on Sunrise Mountain.

Alex Faulkner is the new desert clean-up coordinator. He is now recruiting people from the surrounding area to help him in his efforts.

UPDATE SEPT. 21: The Bureau of Land Management visited Sunrise Mountain Thursday to find a way to clean up the trash.

"I definitely see this as something that we can get done sooner rather than later and I think it's something that just needs to get taken care of," said Alex Faulkner, desert cleanup coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management.

UPDATE JULY 3: One person who lives in the area called the Bureau of Land Management and they told her they don't have the resources to clean the area.


Many people buy homes near Sunrise Mountain to take in the spectacular view, sunsets, and hiking the area has to offer. But people living over there tell 13 Action News they're only getting views of trash.

"I've been complaining about the garbage since 2011," said Trudy Jellema.

Jellema says it's gotten progressively worse over the years.

"There's couches, there's broken windows, glass, palm trees, there was computers, mattresses, chairs, shopping carts," she said.

Jellema says at least 30 of her neighbors feel the same way as her but she has become the spokesperson for them in an attempt to get help.

She says she's called just about everyone she can think of.

"They keep giving me to different people and I don't get anywhere."

She's desperate for help to clean up Sunrise Mountain.

"I don't want to live like this," she said. "This is our community and I'm trying to get it cleaned up. It's a shame because I take pride in where I live."

13 Action News reached out to Commissioner Chris Giunchigliani who says the area is Bureau of Land Management's jurisdiction and that BLM will be hiring a person to clean it up.

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