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Neighbors fed up with overnight construction

Posted at 7:15 PM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 22:15:30-05
A group of neighbors is up in arms and up all night because of construction they say goes on at all hours, preventing them from sleeping.
Madina Elamki said she has barely slept in months, and she is six months pregnant. 
Elamki and her neighbors said the construction happens every night overnight, and occasionally during the day too.
"I can't sleep at all," Elamki said. "It's constant beeping and it's just really really hard to wake up in the morning and try to just function during the day when have no sleep at all."
One of the things that really annoys people living in the apartments is that the construction is taking place right behind their homes, when there is a lot of empty land between them and Tropicana where they could do this work. 
Action News found out this is part of a project by the Clark County Water Reclamation District. Spokeswoman Kim Adler said this is their processing area for the construction project on Tropicana between Koval and Duke Ellington.  
Adler said because most of the work on the project happens at night, most of the work at the second site does too. 
Adler assured us the soil processing will be done Monday night. She hopes it will be less noisy, but there will still be lights on and trucks coming and going. 
Adler blamed the contractor for the location. She said they chose to put their processing area right up against the houses, but she promised to work with them in the future so it doesn't happen again. 
The whole project will be done by March.