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Motorcyclists fed up with water on road

Posted at 6:24 PM, Mar 24, 2016
Valley motorcyclists are frustrated that after years of dangerous conditions, a company is only now fixing things.
A cement channel is used to direct waste water from the facility out onto the road, and local bikers say it is a dangerous problem in their community.
Biker and motorcycle shop owner George Behrens said he wiped out because of the water coming from Americold.
"When I hit that, it (the motorcycle) just went right out from under me and kinda spun me around. I was able to hang on to it though," said Behrens. 
Behrens is OK, but a friend who had the same thing happen is not.
"It tore his ankle up," said Behrens. "I mean he still can't walk to this day without using a cane."
Attorney and biker Stephen Stubbs says Behrens and his friend who was injured are two among many.
I personally know of over a dozen cases where bikers have gone down in that spot," said Stubbs.
Stubbs says he knows of dozens of cases where people were injured, some of them badly, and the company settled.
Stubbs said documentation shows Americold has known about the issue since 1999.
We reached out to Americold and got the following statement from their corporate office: 
"Americold denies allegations of wrongdoing and fully complies with all applicable City and County requirements and regulations. Unfortunately, Americold is unable to comment further on this situation at this time."
Now, they have fixed the problem. This piece of PVC pipe redirects the water from spilling out onto the pavement, and puts it in the grass.