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Teacher says special needs students also left behind on RTC Paratransit

Posted at 6:26 PM, Jun 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-10 17:31:26-04

After our first story about a Marine Corps veteran who says the Regional Transportation Commission Paratransit leaves him behind regularly, more people came forward to say the same thing is happening to them.

"I feel really mad about it," said Kenny White. "I want to get home."

Danny Titus saw our story with White and said his students are experiencing the same thing. Titus is the president of Life Long Dreams, a program for kids with special needs who want to get into the arts.

"I've had to sit outside and wait with them while Paratransit came to get them at the end of classes and it's taken up to three hours," said Titus.

Titus said one student was dropped off at the wrong address. Instead of being dropped off at home, Titus said the student was left at a mental institution.

"I love these kids, this is like my second family and it hurts because you feel kind of useless," Titus said.

13 Action News talked with former RTC commissioner Steve Miller on what he thinks about the Paratransit program.

"I think it's quite successful and I'm very happy with it," Miller said. "I just think it needs a little tweaking right now based on your reports."

Miller said when he was on the RTC, he did not remember any kind of rule mandating drivers stay inside the bus.

"Something simple would remedy this," said Miller. "There's no reason why RTC policymakers should be balking at any simple suggestion."

We reached out to the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, and they sent us the following statement:

The RTC strives to provide safe and reliable service to all of our riders, with about 1.3 million Paratransit trips per year and maintaining an average on-time performance record of 95% or better. This vital service offers members of our community independence through mobility with access to medical services, education, entertainment and more.  

The RTC has not received any customer complaints regarding Paratransit service to or from this address, Southern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services. Should we receive any customer complaints about this location, we will investigate immediately.