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Mom asks 13 Action News to investigate after 15 days without hot water

Posted at 4:48 PM, May 15, 2017

Some people living at a Las Vegas apartment complex say they have been without hot water now for more than two weeks.

"It's horrible," said Helen Rofus, who lives at Hampton Court Apartments near Twain Avenue and Swenson Street with her son. "It's just horrible. I pay my rent on time, I pay my rent two weeks before it's due. They get their rent but we're not getting anything back from them."

Instead, Rofus is boiling water on the stove to bathe, wash dishes, and clean her house. She said they installed new water heaters on Friday, but that still didn't fix it.

"We didn't have water Saturday night; we didn't have hot water last night," said Rofus. "It's just the same old runaround."

13 Action News went to the leasing office on property, but they would not talk with us or give us a phone number for someone who would.

Hot water is considered an essential service, which means after giving your landlord notice through the mail they have 48 hours to fix the issue. You have to keep paying rent, just like Rofus said she has, until you've given your landlord a chance to fix the issue.

When we spoke with someone from Westland Real Estate Group, which owns Hampton Court Apartments, they claimed people went 15 days without hot water partly because of an underground water leak, and partly because they weren't aware of the issue.

A Westland representative said they took over the property less than 60 days ago. They also said people have been breaking into the hot water heater shed and tampering with them. They assured us the sheds are now secure and they will be giving those affected a break on their rent.