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Las Vegas condo deemed unlivable after major water damage found

Condo deemed unlivable after major water damage
Condo deemed unlivable after major water damage
Condo deemed unlivable after major water damage
Condo deemed unlivable after major water damage
Posted at 7:12 PM, Sep 14, 2017

The Southern Nevada Health District says conditions inside one Las Vegas condominium are so bad, they have deemed it unlivable.
An inspection report obtained by Contact 13, shows an inspector visited the unit located in the complex called Dolce By the Lakes, near Durango Drive and Sahara Avenue on Wednesday.
An inspector noted a variety of issues including significant water in the back bedroom closet, bedroom and adjacent bathroom. The report notes the leak was likely coming from an air conditioning unit.
The inspector noted the conditions “DO NOT meet the minimum habitability requirements.”
Marvin Farmer and his family have lived in the unit for since 2014. He claims his family reached out to the California-based owner as soon as the problem popped up.
Farmer claims the landlord was slow to react and now his family is developing health problems, stemming from what he calls a “black mold problem.”

“[My wife said] she's having breathing issues, my son is having breathing issues as well," said Farmer.
Contact 13 confronted the owner while she was at the unit, supervising repairs.
Lin blames the tenants for the damage.

"There is a lot of hair in there, and that is why all the water overflow,” Lin explained.

Lin points to a drain pipe which she claims was clogged, causing the water to back up and flood the unit.

Both Lin and the tenants are at odds over the series of events.

The tenants claim they promptly notified Lin of the issue. Lin said she hired a worker to fix the problems, but two weeks later the issues remain.

Lin has hired workers to make the repairs. As of Wednesday, the leak had been plugged, and plans were in the works to replace the carpet.

Contact 13 will follow up with the repairs to ensure they are completed correctly.