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Hot tub, smashed up SUV among items dumped in northeast Las Vegas field

Field in northeast Las Vegas covered in trash
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A Las Vegas woman says she is living next door to a field that has become a haven for trash, illegal dumping and crime.
Maria Gomez said the vacant land, located off Dolly Lane and Lake Mead Boulevard, has been accumulating garbage.
Contact 13 visited the property and confirmed items appeared to be dumped all over the area. A hot tub, couches and chairs that had seen better days, even a smashed up SUV.
Neighbors said the eyesore is a nuisance and attracting an unpleasant element.

“They come in and dump it, sometimes they drive big trucks into the dirt and drop things, instead of taking it to the dump,” Maria Gomez explained.

Contact 13 alerted Clark County to the issues.
A spokesperson said the parcel is private and cleanup would be the responsibility of the owner.
Contact 13 called the listed number on a for sale sign. The owner said he spends up to $400 per month cleaning up the junk left by illegal dumping.
The owner said he is looking into installing a chain-link fence or jersey barriers to keep the garbage out. He also added the lot is zoned for "light industrial use" and he has perspective buyers looking at the property.

A Clark County spokesperson said these types of complaints are investigated as they receive them.

Authorities are looking into the issue and accessing what can be done to clean up the area.