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YOU ASK, WE INVESTIGATE: Henderson family living without heat or a working oven

Smoke alarms also broken
Posted at 1:44 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-30 19:40:19-05
A valley family said they have not had a hot meal at home in over a month because the stove and oven do not work. And that is not the only problem with the home.
Since the beginning of the year, Christina Cimino said they have had nothing but problems with the home she and her family are renting. First, their electrical outlets started smoking and didn't always work. Then she says, they found out the heat didn't work. In January, their oven went out.
Cimino said they have called their property manager and landlord to try and get someone to fix things in their home.
"We have been here, we have been waiting or we've been within a distance if you gave me some heads up, I could be here and no one's made any attempts to fix any of these issues," Cimino said.
13 Action News went to the office where their landlord works, but she was not there so we called her.
But her story is totally different than Cimino's. The landlord said Cimino won't give her permission to enter the home, which Cimino said is totally untrue. Now she advice to anyone else looking to rent.
"Speak to the previous tenants if you can, check references on the landlord if possible, contact the health district and code enforcement see if they've had any prior citations," said Cimino.