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Heat finally fixed at woman's apartment

Posted at 8:11 PM, Jan 08, 2016

One of our viewers has been without heat since around Thanksgiving.
Alexandra Duncan moved into Carlisle at Summerlin in April, when temperature averages are in the 70s.

"Once winter came, it's just been freezing cold in here," she said.

She took a picture of her thermostat a couple days ago, showing it was 51 degrees overnight Monday.

"Once the sun goes down and it's cold outside completely, it's about 50 to 55 degrees in here every single night," Duncan said.

There were a handful of attempts to get maintenance to fix the problem. Duncan they would send people to work on her system, but it was never fixed.

"I've tried speaking to the district manager, but even my manager here said she doesn't have a phone number to get in contact with her," said Duncan.

She was so fed up, she called Action News. We went to Pacifica SD Management's office on property. They told us we would have to talk to their head of maintenance. We went higher up the ladder, though, calling their regional office in San Diego. They told us someone would call us but never did.

"I hope this matter is solved quickly because I'm tired of being cold, that's for sure," Duncan said.

Now, she doesn't have to be cold any longer. Once we put the heat on management with calls and visits, the system was replaced. Management said they put a whole new system into Duncan's unit.

Still, no one from the company ever called us to explain why it took so long, or to take accountability for the problem.