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Family throws food pantry donations away over expiration worries

Posted at 4:23 PM, Oct 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-20 08:10:18-04

A Las Vegas family is worried about the food they are receiving from a local food pantry.

Amy Hale said each month she receives an assortment of meats, vegetables, canned goods and other items from the Grace Center Food Pantry.

Hale said for the past two months she has noticed a large portion of the food shows it is passed the date listed on the packaging.

"We're doing all we can, work has been spotty, we're older. We both have medical stuff,” said Hale.

Contact 13 watched Hale as she sorted the items she received on Thursday.

Hale estimated up to 50% of the items were past their listed package dates.

"It's like, what is the point?” said Hale as she tossed the items into the trash.

“He's a diabetic, I can't feed most of the food that they send us, I can't give him most of this food,” she added, speaking about her husband, who is also looking for work.

Contact 13 visited the pantry, located on Sahara near Maryland Parkway.

Workers declined to speak on camera, but did say each recipient must sign a waiver before receiving any items.

Workers also said there are times when items are distributed even though the listed date has elapsed.

According to eatbydate.com, there are many myths surrounding food expiration, good by dates, and sell by dates.

The website offered some guidelines regarding common items:

  • Eggs should be good up to 5 weeks after the listed date.
  •  Milk should be good up to 5 days after the listed date.
  •   Beef should be good up to 5 days after the listed date.
  •   Canned goods should be edible 1 to 2 years after the listed date.

Amy said even though it may be safe, she will not be taking the risk.