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Employees concerned after adult day care's indefinite closure

Posted at 11:46 PM, May 03, 2017
Dozens of employees at a Las Vegas adult day care are out of work after the business abruptly closed its doors.
Several employees from Carpe Diem reached out to 13 Action News after the business closed suddenly, with employees saying they’ve been told by supervisors they don’t know when they will reopen.
"I woke up thinking I am going to work, we all go there to get our check and they are like okay we are hoping to open back tomorrow [last Wednesday]," Arianna Cunningham said.
More than a week later, Cunningham says she hasn’t been back to work, and several other employees say they are in the same boat.
Records show Carpe Diem “Provide ABA services for individuals with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors.”
When they call for updates, some say they’ve gotten no response.
Cunningham however says she is at least being heard.
"I just called them right before you guys came and they said they still have no idea. We are still trying to open up soon," Cunningham said.
Cunningham said she was told there is an investigation going on.
Another employee echoed that statement, adding she’s been told the investigation is looking for possible criminal activity.
A source close to the investigation tells 13 Action News they are looking into allegations of potential criminal activity.
We made contact with six employees; none of them said they had seen any criminal activity at the business.
13 Action News did not get an answer on the company’s phone, even with cars parked outside the locked doors.
We caught up with a man leaving the building.
He said he “can’t discuss it” when asked why they closed.
When shown the video, Cunningham identified the man as one of her bosses.
When pressed further, the man said the employees would be paid for the hours they worked, but also called into question the employees who reached out to 13 Action News.
“The one thing I will state is the employees that are telling you this are trying to stir up discontent. They are trying to stir up trouble.  They may not be current employees. That is all I have to say,” the man said.
When asked if there was a problem with the business that forced it to close, the man walked away and got in his car.
While the business remains closed, Cunningham says she is stuck in limbo.
While she is not able to work, she says she’s also been denied unemployment because she is still employed at Carpe Diem.
"We can't file for unemployment.” Cunningham said. “Because they call Carpe Diem the business and they say we are still employed."
13 Action News is in the process of checking on the company’s history with state agencies tasked with overseeing adult day care facilities.