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Downtown employees, residents hate loud music

Posted at 6:16 PM, Mar 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-02 21:58:27-05
People on downtown Las Vegas' First Street are in discord with the city over new music filling the air.
The city put up speakers on the lamp posts and the music is annoying people living and working down there.
"I'm usually here really early in the morning and I'm hearing the same stuff over and over again," said Quentin Abramo, who owns a business on First and Hoover.
Abramo said they can all hear the music inside their building. 
"I think the general consensus is it's too loud, it's 24/7, and the content needs to change," Abramo said.
Abramo said the city installed the speakers about two months ago, and the music started in the last two weeks.
The lamp posts with the speakers start at First and Bridger. There are 60 of them going down to First and Boulder. 
We went to find out why the city started this sidewalk concert. Jorge Cervantes, Executive Director of Community Development for the City of Las Vegas, said it is a pilot program they are testing to add ambiance to the downtown area.
Cervantes said they already lowered the volume, but starting Thursday they will be able to adjust individual speakers.
"We may have one block that plays for a little bit longer, there's a special event going on like First Friday," said Cervantes. "We may have another block that because of the adjacent residences we may or may not play it or we'll curtail the hours. So we've got that type of control that it doesn't have to be all on or all off."
He also said they will be playing more contemporary music, things like Adele or The Beatles.
The folks at the city were surprised when we told them the music was still going 24/7, but they said they will look into that for us and fix it. 
The project cost about $290,000.