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Boulder City euthanized healthy pets?

Posted at 6:27 AM, Dec 08, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-08 09:27:50-05
THIRD UPDATE: We are now hearing from the police chief who was in charge at the time the former head of Boulder City Animal Control was allegedly euthanizing perfectly healthy animals.
Former chief Thomas Finn says evidence of wrongdoing against Mary Jo Frazier did not exist while he was in office. He says he will not be the scapegoat for it.
UPDATE: Dozens of people gathered outside the Boulder City Police Department demanding answers about a former animal control officer. Police documents say Mary Jo Frazier killed animals for fun while working for Boulder City.
"She needs to go to prison and be with all the other criminals, that's what she is," said Ashley Maxwell, who said her dog was among those illegally put to sleep by Frazier.
Maxwell said her dog Kratos was in animal control's custody less than 24 hours when he was put down.
"I said, 'when can I come get him?,'" recalls Maxwell. "She (Frazier) said, 'I'm sorry he's gone now and I know how much you loved your animal so I went and buried him for you.'"
Maxwelll said she never got his body, or the closure she needed to move on. Thursday, she and others are looking for justice for the dozens of animals records show Frazier euthanized.
"Those are innocent animals who trust us," said Patty Jacobson, a long time resident of Boulder City. "We are caretakers of their lives and souls. She had no right."
Frazier worked for Boulder City Animal Control for almost 15 years under two different police chiefs. Now there are questions about the system and oversight that allowed her to put down so many animals in violation the city's own ordinances.
"We're also hearing that they knew about this for some time," said State Senator Mark Manendo. "So I think not only do they need to reevaluate how they do things, they need to reevaluate themselves as individuals because this is horrible."
Manendo came to speak with Chief Conger and got the same response as our crew: A woman from the police department told us the chief would not speak with us, even off camera, or give us a statement. So, for the third time, he is was unavailable and still has not answered our questions.
When Action News first looked into this case, the District Attorney's office said they never got any paperwork about it. We called them today following this release saying the city would pursue charges against Frazier.
On Thursday, they said they still had not received anything. 
Documents obtained by Action News reveal shocking allegations against the former head of Boulder City Animal Control.
They say she euthanized perfectly healthy animals for years, and even enjoyed doing so.
"She ruined my life," said long time Boulder City resident Jerry Dixon of Mary Jo Frazier, the former head of Boulder City Animal Control. "I have nightmares at night because of what she tried to do to my animals."
Chihuahua mixes Panda and Rowdy are the light of Dixon's life. The animal lover said he saved the two dogs from being euthanized by Frazier.
Dixon said his conflict with Mary Jo Frazier started when he sabotaged traps she put out to catch stray cat because people told Action New she would catch stray and feral cats and euthanize them.
Dixon had been caring for a stray mother cat and her kittens in his backyard, when Frazier trapped the mother. He said she wanted $500 to give the mom back.
"She said, 'I'm not only not giving you that cat back without that money, but if I get that box of kittens out of your hands I'm putting all of them down today along with her' and she said, ' I'm gonna put down every one I can catch,'"
Dixon told Action News of his conversation with Frazier.
Furthermore, he said he is not the only one with a story like this.
"She goes out of her way to euthanize people's animals," said Dixon.
Action News obtained an affidavit weeks ago, but it is just now that people are starting to come forward about what is inside.
It details a situation from April when another animal control worker tried to save an animal Frazier intended to put down.
The worker, Ann Inabnitt, maintained the dog could be saved but that Frazier did not want to spend the department money to save it and instead wanted to euthanize it.
The affidavit goes on to say Frazier worked with Boulder City Animal Control for almost 15 years, and in that time euthanized about half of the dogs and cats animal control took in. An animal shelter volunteer told the detective that Frazier "finds joy in killing animals."
On the last page, it says the affidavit will be submitted to the Clark County District Attorney for warrants for Frazier's arrest on three charges of torturing/killing animals and one charge of unlawful poisoning of animals.
When Action News called the District Attorney's office, they had no record of ever receiving the affidavit. Further, there was no record of any arrest of Frazier for such charges.
We went to the Boulder City police station for a second time to ask about this matter.
Again, we got the same answer: we were told Chief Conger was not there and no one would speak with us.
We went to the City Manager's office too, where we were told he was in a meeting and no one could tell us what happened with Frazier.
But Dixon has an explanation for why no one will talk and Frazier suddenly disappeared from the her position at Animal Control: small town politics.
Action News crew tried to track Frazier down, knocking on doors of every local address and calling every number we could find for her, but we could not find her.
Ann Inabnitt, the employee who first spoke out again Frazier in the affidavit, now has her position at Animal Control.
People around town say she is a welcome change.
There is a petition online asking for support to press charges against Frazier.