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Binder full of employee information goes missing after Life is Beautiful festival

Posted at 6:11 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 21:57:45-04

It's the 3-day festival that transforms Downtown Las Vegas into a music lover's dream.

It also takes an army of workers to keep everyone happy. That includes serving food and alcohol.

Each worker requires an alcohol training card, also known as TAM, a health department card, and a police work card.
The information is supposed to be kept on the festival grounds during the vent, in order for possible inspection.

Contact 13 has learned a binder containing all the employee information, including copies of all the work cards with their names and photo's on them went missing shortly after the event.

Contact 13 has uncovered, festival organizers were contacted by a man, 3 days after the event who claimed his homeless friend found the binder and wanted to return the information, for a price.

Contact 13 was given a copy of the expletive laced e-mail.

The man said he saw the return of the binder "as a money opportunity" and a "reward for doing a good deed" may be in order.

 A Life is Beautiful spokesperson said it was "extortion."

The spokesperson said, upon learning the binder had taken and receiving the email "We did not feel comfortable engaging with this individual."

Festival organizers also said whoever took the book entered an area off-limits to the public and trespassed onto the property.

A life is Beautiful spokesperson adds "no private, personal informatoon on anyone hired by the Life is Beautiful is made in these documents as only their names and TAM/health card numbers are included. 

Contact 13 has learned the man who claims to have the binder is making arrangements to release the binder to authorities.