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Animal activist says she was unfairly cited

Posted at 5:40 PM, Apr 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-04 22:08:28-04
Animal activist and founder of Nevada Voters for Animals has been policing dog hoarders and breeders for years.
Now, she is in trouble with police for having too many dogs in her home.
"We're in rescue. We always have rescues, strays, additional dogs on hand," said Gina Greisen of Nevada Voters for Animals. "We go to great lengths and great personal expense to care for not only our dogs, but for strays."
Greisen told 13 Action News she would rather be cited for having too many dogs than turn them in to a shelter with a kill list.
She said she has had more than the number of dogs allowed without a permit for some time and never had an issue.
In fact, she said it was a running joke between her and the head of Clark County Animal Control. However, issues started when someone called animal control to report her.
"They actually called animal control, impersonated my neighbors and made all these complaints against us," said Greisen. "As a result of this, animal control came over to the house and my mother was cited for having too many dogs."
Her mother was cited because the house is in her mother's name, but Gina claims the dogs. She admitted to us and to animal control that she had eight dogs when she was first cited in January.
Right now, she has seven.
Anyone in Clark County can have three dogs. You can have up to six, but no more, with a special permit.
Greisen's permit has expired. Only breeders with the right licensing and documentation can have more than six dogs.
"We're still trying to rehome a couple dogs to get down to the limit so that we can renew our permit," said Greisen.
The original citation does not have a name on it, but Greisen said it has her mother's information on it. Greisen was very upset that someone called animal control to report her and she wanted to file a report on them. That's where things get confusing.
"I went to file a harassment complaint about this, the fact that someone would be able to call and impersonate my neighbors, and while I was at the police station they went to get an officer and he came and asked me my name," said Greisen. "When I told him he said, 'I should arrest you, there's a warrant for your arrest.' I can't even tell you how shocked I was. I can't even express in words how upsetting that was to hear because I had no idea what it was for."
Greisen is confused because the citation for too many dogs was issued for her mom and the warrant was for
Greisen herself.
She asked police but they would not tell her what the warrant was for, because the warrant is sealed. When we contacted the courts, they said it's normal for a warrant to be sealed until the individual turns themselves in or is arrested.
On Monday afternoon, Greisen called the court and they said the warrant was for the same thing her mother was cited for having too many dogs.
She told us hey could not explain to her why the ticket cited her mom but the warrant was for her.
The violation is a misdemeanor.