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Indie film shot in Las Vegas, 'Take Out Girl,' gaining major attention at film festivals

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Posted at 10:55 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-30 20:08:04-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — The film "Take Out Girl" -- which was shot in Las Vegas -- is gaining major attention in the film festival world for its storyline and diversity.

“This story is coming from a very authentic place,” said Hedy Wong, the lead actress and co-writer of the film.

The film is a reflection of real events in Hedy Wong’s life.

She describes her character, Tera, as a young and naive girl who decides to take drastic measures to save her mother's struggling Chinese restaurant, including running errands for a local drug lord. All of it inspired by true events.

“I was going through a lot during that time in my life and I didn’t feel like making anything up anymore. So I wrote from a place of truth,” Hedy Wong said.

But Hedy wants people to know she is not glamorizing this part of the story. Rather, staying true to personal experiences.

She says the core purpose of the film is family, culture and connecting with people from all walks of life.

“I feel like we are adding a much-needed texture to the Asian American narrative that’s being shown in Hollywood,” Hedy Wong said.

“This movie is really important for us to show the Asian youth characters with all of our flavors, our joy, our mistakes. It’s all in here for them to watch.”

The film is already clicking with its audience.

Director Hisonni Johnson, a Las Vegas resident, says the film has exceeded his expectations. He was initially hoping to win at least one award, but he and his team are now walking away with nearly 20 awards and getting into 40 film festivals.

It was Hisonni’s creative mind that made shooting the film possible. He was able to transform parts of our community into portions of Los Angeles.

“We shot right here at Soulfire dance studio, we shot in my home, we shot down by the Strip. I mean, like my mother used to say, don’t leave any meat on the bone,” Hisonni said.

Both Hedy and Hisonni are optimistic that the film will help viewers realize our community is more alike than different. She hopes through her story more people will come together as one.

“It’s family, it's hope, it highlights the struggles of, you know, immigrant families and mainstream society,” Hedy said. “They may speak a different language and food smells different but at the end of the day when we cry, when we laugh. It's all the same.”

"Take Out Girl" is available on Amazon streaming, iTunes and more.