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UPDATE: Police searching for man behind middles school threat video

Posted at 11:48 AM, Apr 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-24 10:44:43-04

Police are investigating a threat at a southwest Las Vegas middle school over the weekend.

According to a letter sent to parents, the Canarelli Middle School principal and assistant principal were attending a training session with teachers on Saturday began receiving text messages from parents and staff about a threat in a Snapchat video. An adult in the neighborhood near Tattersall Flag Street and West Mesa Verde Lane made the threat. 

"Oh my God! I'm freaking out. I am really scared for my daughter and all the kids at this school," said parent Rafael Parco.

"In a sense, I'm really angry because there are sick-minded people who would do something to those innocent kids in the school," added Parco.

Some parents and grandparents learned about the video over the weekend before the school sent home information.

"I think police need to get on it and really track this guy down, because this is a serious threat," said Paul Davidson, a grandparent of a student at Canerelli Middle School.

"Anyone who talks about shooting up a school is out of their minds," said Retired Las Vegas Metro Police Lieutenant, and 13 Action News Crime and Safety Expert, Randy Sutton.

"It's threatening, it's menacing and it's going to be taken very seriously," added Sutton.

Sutton says the video is disturbing and he sees evidence and possible arrests for making "terroristic threats."

"It's not a joke and this is not a prank," said Sutton.

The letter states the man posted a video of himself on Snapchat while holding what appears to be a BB/pellet rifle. The man posted the video threatening to "shoot up the school" while shooting what appear to be pellets or BBs toward the rear of the school building from his home. 

The principal and assistant principal contacted Las Vegas police and Clark County School District police. According to the letter, CCSD police took "swift action to ensure the safety of all students and staff." Exactly what action was taken was not specified beyond additional security. 

Las Vegas police and CCSD police officers were present on campus Monday as a result. The letter states it is "not indicative of a new threat, only continued support for our students and families." 

Anyone with additional information about the threat is asked to contact Las Vegas police at 702-828-3111 or CCSD Police at 702-799-5411.