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Increase in interest for Genderfest in Las Vegas after transgender military ban

Posted at 11:40 AM, Sep 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-14 15:56:20-04

More U.S. service members are filing lawsuits in federal court, asking that President Trump's transgender military ban be tossed out.  The lawsuits come at a time when the Gay and Lesbian Community Center in Las Vegas plans to host their second annual Genderfest. 

The conference hopes to inform and educate the trans community and their supporters about gender. 

The conference is in its second year, but organizer Blue Montana says this year will be different. 

Back in July, President Trump announced through a series of tweets that he would no longer allow transgender people to serve in the military.  

Blue Montana is a marine corps veteran. He says because of some decisions made with the current administration, there's been even more interest in the event this year. He says he has received interest from local lawyers, teachers, and even law enforcement, hoping to learn how to interact with the trans community in their work place. 

"The transgender community is really at the crux of a civil rights movement for us. We're getting a lot of stuff thrown at us with the bathroom and the military, so it's really important for us to band together as a community, and to inform others about us," says Montana, the transgender program manager at The Center. 

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