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Think your house is haunted? What Nevada realtors don't have to share with buyers

Posted at 11:34 PM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-30 05:01:05-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — There are all kinds of homes for sale across the Las Vegas valley, but there's one home real estate agent Charmaine Prospero will never forget.

"This place had a lot of Victorian dolls and furniture, china, antiques, “ Prospero said. “And religious paintings from Europe."

While preparing the house for a showing, she said something unusual happened.

“So, I started turning on some lights. And when I turned around, I felt this energy that's coming through me, like it's really, really heavy. But it’s not one of them,” she said.

“It’s a lot them. I feel like I'm getting hugged. I'm getting touched all over. So, what I did is I ran to the backyard."

She says she could never shake the feeling that something else besides antiques inhabited the home. However, she eventually found a buyer.

"I really felt so freaked out,” said Prospero. “And I was like oh my god, I’m so glad to get out of the house and get out of this!”

If you are particularly superstitious or believe that spirits can dwell in homes, then it might sunrise you to know that Nevada law doesn't require real estate agents or sellers to disclose if someone died in a home, whether it's natural causes or something more sinister.

We asked some of our viewers on Facebook if knowing someone died in a house is a deal-breaker for them and the vast majority said, yes. Of the more than a thousand people who voted; 69% said they would want to know before buying the home.

That's where someone like Karen Jackson comes in. She's a Reiki master teacher.

"My feeling is that anytime you purchase a home anyway it’s good to cleanse the home,” said Jackson

So how do you do that?

"You can do that very easily,” Jackson said. “White sage is very commonly used. I would burn it starting at the front door. White sage helps to cleanse and clear the energy field inside the home."

And there's even entire kits you can buy. sage spray and selenite.

"This is part of the salt family. But you could use regular table salt,” she said.” Once you clear the home you can put these by your doors and windows. And you can put them on the threshold. And that keeps anything from wanting to come in."