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Hyperloop to test super-rapid transport in NLV

Posted at 10:04 AM, Dec 08, 2015

A California company set on building a futuristic, super high-speed transportation system says it will conduct early-phase testing in North Las Vegas.

Hyperloop Technologies announced Tuesday that it will conduct its Propulsion Open Air Test at Apex Industrial Park. The park is also considered a candidate for electric car company Faraday Future's manufacturing plant.

The idea behind the hyperloop technology is to use vacuum tubes to transport freight and passengers in pods at speeds up to 750 mph. That would take travelers from LA to San Francisco in a half-hour.

The Nevada phase involves sending an electrical motor at more than 300 mph on a half-mile track. Testing is expected to begin early next year.

The company says it's still looking for a site to build a 2-mile test track.