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Hyperloop projects taking off across the region

Posted at 11:59 PM, May 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-10 19:22:08-04

The excitement has been building in the Nevada desert for more than a year now. The promise of high-speed commutes is becoming a reality as projects take off across the region.

Construction permits for electrical work on the Hyperloop One Project in Nevada were issued back in February for the test track in North Las Vegas. It's a mode of transportation capable of speeds close to 800 miles per hour in a near vacuum tube.

Now, while testing goes on here in the valley, another piece of this exciting project is coming together in Arizona.

"Now we really get to do this," said Lynne Nethken. "This is actually the hard part now. This is where we have to make this come to life. "

Nethken is a masters student. She is talking about the Space X Hyperloop Pod Competition.

The Arizona team's design was selected as a finalist for their pod concept. Now the group of more than 100 students has to take their idea from the drawing board into a full-scale prototype for testing in California.
"It can revolutionize economies.  It can revolutionize the way you live, the way you work." Nethken said. "Where you work, how cities interact with each other. "
The science is complicated, but the idea is simple. The AZLoop team has been working on this for two years.
They are scheduled to have their first trial run on the Hyperloop track in late July or early August.