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Hyperbaric treatment improving toddler's condition after near drowning

Posted at 11:44 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-24 10:28:08-04

Little Christopher now spends part of each day relaxing with his grandparents watching cartoons as he continues his recovery from a near drowning.

He’s shown great strides since Ted and Cynthia Salmon got him hyperbaric treatment to help reverse the damage.

"You can see he is really a person in there," Cynthia Salmon said of Christopher’s progress.

The toddler has undergone 18 hyperbaric treatments in Los Angeles, with his grandmother by his side.
“He's done it [sat up] like four times in there. So I am waiting for him any day now to sit up," Cynthia Salmon said.

They are already seeing movement and facial expressions that weren't there when we first talked with the family back in August.

The Salmons are confident the best is yet to come, because there are at least 20 more treatments on the horizon.

“He's going to hit that stride to where there's major improvements each time," Ted Salmon said of the his hopes for the future.

After watching the progress the little girl who inspired them to pursue the treatments, Ted and Cynthia are just waiting to see this smiling boy up and playing.

"It is great that soon I will see him running around like I used to.  Just have to be patient," Cynthia Salmon said.

“That is the hardest thing, just waiting," Ted Salmon said.

Waiting and finding the money to pay for hotel rooms while Christopher is being treated in Southern California, but the grandparents aren't letting mounting bills get in their way.

"Continuing to sell everything I can and do everything I can," Ted Salmon said.

The doctors are allowing the family to make payments, but they are selling specially designed shirts to help pay for all the travel costs.

You can find more information about those shirts here.