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Hundreds upset about expansion of asphalt business Wells Cargo

Posted at 10:40 PM, Oct 04, 2016
Hundreds of people living in a valley neighborhood are fighting back after learning asphalt contractor, Wells Cargo, got permission to expand their business.
People living near Spring Mountain Road and Buffalo Drive say the sounds and smells caused by the asphalt are already intolerable. They aren't sure how they will live a normal life if more gravel becomes a reality.
Joseph Ly says stepping outside his front door is an issue.
"It's already been absolutely horrible," said Ly. "Every day life, we go outside, just for walking and you feel it in your skin."
Another woman says she can't use her swimming pool.
"I was rarely able to use it for swimming laps over the summer because the air quality was so poor," she said.
The upset residents are fighting back against Wells Cargo with hopes Clark County officials will overturn the decision to let them expand.
"By allowing them to expand without any studies done, and without knowing what's really in the air, I feel they are not protecting the citizens at all,” Ly said.
Ly and his neighbors took turns Tuesday night telling county officials how Wells Cargo negatively impacts their lives.
“So we have the dust, the air quality, the noise, the smell, all of it, it’s bad.”
But despite all the complaints, Wells Cargo got the OK to expand.
“They do try their very best to be conscious of that, yet, at the same time, they’re a business operation that’s been there since 1963 and will continue to be there for the foreseeable future and so we’re trying to balance a lot of things,” said a representative with Wells Cargo.
The upset residents plan to appeal the county’s decision.