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Hundreds stuck in Vegas

Posted at 7:25 PM, Oct 12, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-12 22:25:56-04
As if traveling isn't stressful enough.
Hundreds of people spent Monday trying to make flights they missed yesterday due to a Southwest computer glitch.
Southwest Airlines tweeted Monday morning that the glitch was fixed, but that didn't mean issues for travelers were fixed immediately.
Hundreds of passengers who missed their flight Sunday due to the incredibly long lines, spent Monday trying to make new flights and locate their luggage.
"We got here stood in line for about three hours outside, got in here, whole place was packed, we stood in line for another hour Made it only to this point, decided to pretty much get out of line and go back to the hotel," said Jelena Hotic.
Hotic left McCarran six hours later. She says she and her friends spent the rest of the night calling Southwest Airlines to book a new flight. They finally got through to customer service at 4 a.m.
"You know we are stuck in Vegas, it could have been a lot worse but at the end of the day we made the best of it, I mean it was stressful, it was hot outside, people were not having it out there," said Hotic.
Jelena was one of thousands trying to leave Las Vegas. The computer glitch meant check-in issues for thousands nationwide Sunday.
Southwest was using backup systems to try and check passengers in, but that only did so much.
"I got through the first level, but you had to get through the second level in order to get my place in line for Southwest," said Kim Reiher.
Jelena made the best out of the not so fortunate incident.
"We had so much fun, checked in at the Bellagio, did a little gambling, had a little food, it was all good," said Hotic.
And now she's on her way back to Ohio.
"We're good to go Ready to go home," she said.
Southwest Airlines says out of 3,600 flights Sunday, about 900 of them were affected by delays from the computer outage.
The airline is still working Monday to get displaces customers on new flights and make sure they reunite passengers with their bags.