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How young is too young for a taser? A look at Las Vegas policies

Posted at 5:19 PM, Sep 06, 2018

With concern growing after a Cincinnati police officer used on an 11-year-old shoplifting suspect, 13 Action News tracked down information on Clark County police agencies taser policies.

The store surveillance video and body camera footage from after the taser was used has garnered national attention with the Cincinnati Police Department conducting a thorough review of the incident.

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Reports indicate the department's policy, however, allows the use of a taser on suspects as young as seven years old.

In Clark County, police agencies do not appear to have age restrictions in place on the use of tasers but take age into consideration along with other factors.

"Now if they are up against someone who is elderly or a child or small kid it is not suggested that we use it, unless we can readily articulate it such as that person is armed and presents a danger to themselves or another, and all other options could not be taken," Officer Larry Hadfield said.

Those other factors include pregnancy, size and medical conditions.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in recent years it has upgraded its use of force policy to move the taser up to the "aggressive" category.

That would mean the device is only supposed to be used if there is a threat to the officer, themselves or someone else. A fleeing suspect is not considered justification for taser use in most instances.