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How to scare away owls in your yard

Posted at 12:44 PM, Jun 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-25 15:45:31-04

Here are some tips on how to get rid of owls and how to keep wildlife away from your yard.

Tips on how to get rid of owls

1. Don't attract other birds. Remove feeders from yard. If there is no food, the owl may leave.
2. Make noise. Try noisemakers, alarms, horns or whistles. If you annoy the owl enough, the owl will go away.
3. Try a bright light. Shine it on the owl at night. You may need to do this several nights in a row.
4. Install a scarecrow. 
5. Keep your small dogs and cats indoors. Don't tempt owl with possibility of food.
6. Put a collar with a strobe light on your cat or dog. The strobe light confuses owls. 
6. Make it difficult for the owl to nest. In addition to trees, owls look for holes in roofs and walls. Place a screen over chimneys.
7. Take away roosting spots. Remove perches from  dead trees. Get rid of brush piles.
8. Make sure there are no mice in your yard. In addition to keeping yard clean, you can use a small ultrasonic device that keeps rodents away.

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Tips on how to keep wildlife away

1. Do not feed wildlife. Feeding wildlife can make them dependent and cause them to lose natural fear of humans. The feeding of any wildlife, including birds, mayb inadvertently attract unwanted animals.
2. Keep pet food out of reach of wildlife. Do not store in open containers outside and bring leftover food in after feeding pets.
3. Secure garbage cans to prevent wildlife for looking for food.
4. Landscape accordingly. A beautifully landscaped yard make create a perfect habitat for wildlife. Ponds with fish could attract birds or other wildlife who like to eat fish. 
5. Do not let small dogs or cats roam freely in backyards. 
6. Seal off entry points to your home. Block entry to crawl spaces, attics, eves and chimneys. These areas provide nesting spots.



Nevada Department of Wildlife