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How to report problems at a public playground

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-14 22:22:19-04

13 Action News spoke with a slew of experts who say many parents have a false sense of security at the playground. They get on their phone, sit on the bench and think their children will be safe.

But experts say you should be checking the playground first and then supervising your child while they play.

Michael Heavilon brings his three kids to the playground to have fun. But safety is always on his mind.

"If something does happen... I am close by to hopefully prevent it," he said.

Michael has reason to be concerned. Injury Prevention Manager Dawn Daniels says children under 5 years old can't support their body weight as well as older kids.

"But yet, they're trying to play on the 6-foot monkey bars," said Daniels.

Chris Hanson is concerned about another type of injury -- concussions and other forms of brain injuries. 

Hanson is the owner of Sonam Technologies. His company developed a device that measures playground falls, and whether the surface below does enough to cushion the fall.

As a parent, you can check for gaps and broken pieces on playgrounds, and report it to Clark County Officials at (702) 455-6555, or through email at ParkMaintenanceInbox@clarkcountynv.gov.

Also, make sure your children are playing on age appropriate equipment. If they're up high, know they're at greater risk of hurting themselves.

Clark County parks are inspected at least once a month, and during the busy summer months, they hire additional park inspectors. Inspectors check for trash, sharp objects and loose nuts and bolts. Each item is rated on a scale of 1-3. A "1" means it's good, "2" means it needs repair, and "3" means it needs emergency attention.