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How to budget when you're on inconsistent income

Posted at 7:27 AM, Oct 03, 2018

Earning money is one thing, but budgeting your monthly expenses can be tough -- especially for people with a fluctuating income.

In a city like Las Vegas that thrives in entertainment, dining, and different types of service industries, we know many of you fall into that category.

We spoke with a financial expert for advice to help you manage your budget.

"The first thing to do is get some income tracking going. Take a week two weeks four weeks depending on how often you're paid and you'll see what your base income is."

That means how much you earn on average. Financial expert, Steve Budin says, whatever number you come up with should be your bare-bones budget. 

The next step is know your fixed living expenses. These include things like groceries, rent, mortgage, phone bill, insurance payments. Compare the total of all that to your income and whatever is left should be put in separate savings accounts: first in a rainy day account to cover unexpected expenses 

"A good rainy day account would be something you don't have a credit card attached to. Something that's difficult to access. It's really there not for day to day purposes," says Budin.

And then, if you still have extra money, put that in a bonus account which you can use for dining out, travel and other lifestyle choices.

"Once you see some success and you see some of that extra money accumulate, then it really becomes a nice mind game because as you see those numbers grow it'll keep you incentivized to keep doing it."

The key here is planning and prioritizing. Its easier said than done, but with discipline it's possible.