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How police secure multiple event venues while keeping neighborhoods safe

Posted at 4:11 PM, Oct 02, 2019

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — There's always something exciting happening in Las Vegas. Life is Beautiful, the iHeartRadio Music Festival and even the Area 51 Celebration -- all happened during the same weekend, which can cause complications for police.

So how does Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department keep you safe and keep up with staffing?

Las Vegas police officers provided additional security in more than 7,200 events last year alone, and they're tracking to be more than 7,200 again this year.

Lt. Kendall Bell leads the team helping event organizers ensure everyone's safety. "We always are projecting that something might happen so that way we are prepared for it and that way we aren't reacting to it."

The county and city have ordinances determining how many police officers are needed in a venue. Though when organizers hire LVMPD for added security, police help determine how many more pairs of eyes are needed.

"We'll also reach out to agencies that have hosted that same event or that same promoters event and just get some notes from them on what they saw and some potential problems we may come in contact with."

But when multiple events happen simultaneously, that means overtime work for the force. Organizers foot the overtime bill.

"We'll submit them with the estimate. They'll pay it. And we'll staff the officers."

Lt. Bell wants to make clear, big events do not take away officers from patrolling your neighborhoods.

"So these are officers who choose to work these events on their off time. So it doesn't really impact the police coverage in your area."