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Hottest toy craze banned from CCSD schools

Some say the toys help with autism, ADHD
Posted at 6:20 PM, May 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-05 21:20:20-04

'Fidget spinners' are being banned from several schools in the Clark County School District, but some argue they're crucial for children with autism and ADHD. 

Fidget spinners are the latest craze to takeover in classrooms across the country. Children hold the toys in one hand and with a flick of the wrist they can watch it spin. 

The toys are being praised among the autism and ADHD community as a way to help students focus in class or quit compulsive behaviors. 

"A lot of our kids have self-stimulatory behaviors which is typically a repetitive motion of some kind whether it's spinning or flapping their hands.," said Jennifer Strobel, Executive Director of Families of Effective Autism Treatment. 

Strobel said if parents think their special education child can benefit from using fidget spinners in the classroom, they should consult with administration. 

"If they can come to an agreement and get this put in their child's I.E.P(individualized education plan), it's a legal document and the school district has to allow it." she said. 

Other parents and grandparents agree with the ban and hope kids will keep the toys at home. 

"The phones are bad enough. This would just be one more item that would distract children from learning," said Sherry Jenkins whose granddaughter attends a campus that  banned the toys. 

The Clark County School District said the ban is not district wide, but any item that is considered a disruption in a classroom could be confiscated.