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Hot yoga takes over the Boneyard at Neon Museum

Posted at 11:53 PM, Aug 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 08:20:04-04

Sometimes all you need to make a workout more challenging is a change in environment. A group did just that among some old Las Vegas relics Wednesday night. People stretched out in the Neon Museum for a hot yoga class.

Yoga is all about a mind and body connection; so doing it in the desert heat in the middle of a treasure trove of Las Vegas history really wasn't much of a stretch. Eileen Lorraine was the instructor for the session. She has practiced yoga for many years.  

"I mean the Boneyard is such a great place and so many people don't know about it," Lorraine said. "So, by doing yoga here it brings a certain group to experience the Boneyard.

They experienced the unique visuals, which include more than 200 historic signs, while posing in temperatures well above that in a comfortable air conditioned studio.  
Laura Moran was visiting from San Diego.

"I enjoy hot yoga," she said."And I just don't have the opportunity to do a lot of yoga outside in San Diego because it's not that hot."

For people used to back bending, waist twisting and leg extending; the heat and the environment are just a bit of mind bending which makes it that much more worthwhile. 

"It was a really cool experience. It's great!" Moran said after the class was over.

The museum will be hosting two more classes on August 16th and 30th.