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Horses buck, injure riders and run off at Red Rock Canyon

Posted at 11:23 AM, Jan 17, 2017
A life-threatening scare turns into a desperate search after two women are thrown from their horses in Red Rock Canyon.
Navarre is clearly upset. The owner says it's because he is split from his friend, Whiskey. Both are horses.
"They stay together so to have one found and one not that's pretty scary," said Pam Watson, a horse owner who joined the search Tuesday.
Monday night, two women were riding when the horses got spooked. Both ladies were thrown to the ground. 
Tuesday morning they found Navarre pretty early thanks to a search party, including one of the ladies who got knocked out of the saddle.
"I can't say the words that I said when I got dumped," said Sandy Topper, a horse owner.
The two riders were feet away from where they started; they didn't even have their reins in hand. That is how close they were to packing up when they say an animal bolted out from behind some rocks and spooked those horses.
"These are our kids. These are our babies," said Watson.
Police were out during the search Tuesday. One woman not present during the search was the second lady who got thrown. Monday night she had to go to the emergency room, but people who have never seen the missing horses before wanted to help.
"I have no idea where he went. We're just going to have to go out and look," said Topper.
Several hours into the search they also found Whiskey unharmed.