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Horse therapy ranch needs new land in order to conduct classes

Posted at 11:52 PM, Sep 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-12 18:39:37-04

A local ranch that offers Horse Assisted Therapy is in a bind right now after they had to tear down their set up and are now in need of new land to set up shop.

Paradise Ranch is a unique facility that offers Horse Assisted Therapy sessions to more than 400 families.

They were trying to work out a new contract with their former sub-letter but nothing ever worked out and now they are forced to find a new place to operate.

"We had to cancel a whole week already so there's 400 people who have depended on their therapy, some of them for six years now," said co-owner of Paradise Ranch Stephanie Rogers.

Stephanie and her husband Paul work with kids with special needs, learning disabilities, behavioral issues, and more.

"Everyone has kid of rallied behind us, we're definitely family, so most of them have been incredibly supportive asking what they can do to help."

Right now, the horses stay put on the Rogers' property while they figure out their next move. They need a few acres of land with access to utilities like sewer, water, and power.

They could do therapy sessions on just a half acre or an acre temporarily while they look for a permanent location with more acres.

If you have something in mind, their contact information is on their website.

"That's the part that really tugs on my heart is just the people hwo are waiting for these services again," said Rogers. "These are important therapies that people count on to help them participate in school and to be able to function for day to day...everything."