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Horse therapy ranch flooded during weekend storm

Posted at 10:57 PM, Apr 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-13 02:29:10-04
Part of a valley ranch was wiped out by storms that hit the valley hard over the weekend.
Paradise Ranch, located near Rancho and Vegas drives, offers "Horse Assisted Therapy" to children and their families, and now they need help getting back on their feet.
"We were just filling bucket after bucket with no place to dump it because the water just kept rushing in," said Paradise Ranch owner," Paul Rogers.
Rogers says it was like a river flowing through their multi-purpose office building. The office is used for bookkeeping, therapy classes, and a waiting room for parents.
"The water just kind of met in the middle here and at one point came over the top of this lip here and then just kind of went out the door."
This isn't the first time the horse therapy ranch has been met with a major obstacle either. Just last month, their rent increased dramatically and they were almost forced to close.
"We've definitely considered, hey, maybe we should just send Mr. Paul back to work and get me a job and we would be making a lot more than we are making now, but it's the labor of love and you continue on," said Stephanie Rogers.
The community was so touched by the work Paradise Ranch does so they rallied together and helped raise more than $25,000. It encouraged the owners to not give up this time either.
"In the middle of this defeat and ripping out carpets until 1 a.m., you're reminded that you're making such a huge impact on people's lives, that you just keep going," said Rogers.
Paradise Ranch owners say insurance will cover most of the structural damage, but they will need help with things like toys and furniture that were damaged in the flood.