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Homeowners win versus HOA in battle to save trees

HOA cut down 28 trees
Posted at 4:38 PM, May 02, 2017

There are a lot of stories about the battles between homeowners associations and the people who live there, but this story has an ending you don't often hear -- the homeowners won.

People in the Jonathan's Glen Homeowners Association near Charleston Boulevard and Cimarron Road have been fighting to keep very old trees standing after the HOA cut several others down. Three pine trees are the only ones left.

People who live there say the HOA went behind their backs and chopped down the other 28 trees in the neighborhood. But they say the HOA had their sights on the last three trees -- with plans to cut them down.

The people in the community got together and spent more than $42,500 in legal fees to stop these trees from being cut down.

They got an injunction that stops the HOA from ever cutting down the last three trees without permission from the people whose yards the trees stand in, and they got back every penny of their legal fees.