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Homeowners near former Desert Rose Golf Course removed from flood zone

Posted at 6:56 PM, Sep 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-22 21:56:29-04

Homeowners around the former Desert Rose Golf Course were officially removed from one of the city's worst flood zones Thursday.

After devastating floods in 2012, the county began a $58 million renovation to help increase the capacity of the Las Vegas and Flamingo Wash.

"[Water] was chest high I have pictures of guys walking through the water," described homeowner Dough Brokaw.

The construction has led the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make revisions on the flood insurance map, which means homeowners won't be mandated to buy flood insurance anymore.

"You don't have to purchase flood insurance anymore so your cost it goes from $1,700 to $0, essentially," said Steven Parrish with the Regional Flood Control District.

Leo Villasenor pays $1,200 a year to protect his dream home.

"It's exciting to know my payment will drop down significantly but I still think we're going to go for a minimal amount of coverage," Villasenor said.

The Regional Flood Control District does recommend homeowners to keep their flood insurance on minimal coverage just in case of flooding.

Officials are working on securing the washes down to Stewart Avenue and Nellis Boulevard that would remove another 300 from flood zones.