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Homeless camp residents asked to leave

Posted at 7:06 PM, Mar 02, 2016
Residents say a new homeless camp is plaguing their neighborhood and they’re sick of it.
Wednesday, the City took a big step to clean house.
The camp was set up near F Street and Washington were city workers he signs were posted “No Trespassing” signs early Wednesday morning.
"So as it is, we're being pushed off to another place," one of the homeless men told 13 Action News.
The dozens of homeless men and women were given 24 hour to leave.
"It's just mistreatment, misjudgment, and pure dislike," said another homeless man.
Nearby neighbors say this group has been dirty, disruptive, and they're sick of it. I'm told the homeless camp has been around for months.
"At the beginning, the residents didn't have a reason to complain to the city,” said homeless woman Rochelle Rubin. “They were completely for it, saying well the people need a place to stay.
Then she says things got out of hand with fights and drug deals among the homeless.
"Parties broke out, and things happened that shouldn't have happened,” Rubin said. “They ruined it for themselves.”
A spokeswoman for the City of Las Vegas says the decision came at the request of police.
They say the filth created by this homeless community has led to a public health hazard for neighbors paying to live in this neighborhood.
While many agree, one neighbor says the group should be able to stay.
"They don't bother anybody, said Samuel Lockhart. “If they had somewhere to go, I could understand, but all these shelters are full. They don't bother anybody."
As for where these men and women will go next?
One of them say, "Wherever God blesses us to go."