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Homeless camp near UNLV causing concerns

Posted at 6:11 PM, Mar 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-10 21:11:09-05

People living in the Valencia Apartments near Maryland Parkway and Katie Avenue are fed up with a homeless camp that's been growing in their alleyway. 

The complex sits along the Flamingo Wash, just a short drive from UNLV. Many families and college students who live there have noticed more and more homeless people setting up tents and makeshift shelters just feet away from their front doors.

"I don't like them there at night, I mean, I don't like them there at all," said Ron Rissler who lives in the Valencia Apartments. 

Other residents told 13 Action News that the homeless camp has brought crime to the area.

Don Glenn, who's lived in the alleyway for two months, said he does his part to keep the area clean. 

"We are trying our best," he said. 

Still, he admits police have been by the camp before. 

"Officers coming and telling us that there's all kinds of complaints about garbage and loud noises," Glenn said. 

13 Action News called the homeowner's association responsible for the property. A manager told us they've been working with police for months on the issue and a resolution is expected next week. 

"They should get them out of here. They're not supposed to be here," Rissler said.