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Homeless camp near Twain, Maryland Parkway receives mixed reactions

Posted at 2:11 PM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 17:11:19-05

For many people, a homeless camp near their home would create a lot of concern but one camp near Twain and Maryland Parkway may actually be helping their neighborhood.

The camp sits in the corner of an abandon building's parking lot and is a sight most people wouldn't want to see but there's a fair amount of people in this neighborhood that don't mind them at all.

"These guys are just great," a person told 13 Action News.

Lance Kyles, the founder of the Open Arms Foundation, said the group is actually helping people in the area.

"They are actually the homeless police is what I call them," Kyle says.

The mini community uses their space to provide for other homeless people. They hand out clothes, backpacks, and other supplies. They obtain these supplies through donations and are willing to help out others who may be down on their luck.

The camp said they had lived in the parking lot since October but now they've been forced to move.

For many, the issue isn't just that the homeless camp was built in this parking lot – it's that it sits just feet away from a school.

"It does bother me. I don't think they should be here near the school," a parent said.

The managers of the property have kicked them out of the parking lot.

They've taken down their tents and packed up their donations but there's no sign of them stopping their mission to help others who are in a tough situation.