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11-year-old survives violent home invasion

Posted at 10:47 PM, Jan 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-11 10:45:35-05

A father and his 11-year-old son survived a violent home invasion Saturday evening near Desert Inn and Fort Apache roads.

Ray Kilcoyne said he was cooking when he saw the young men in his kitchen with guns and knives.

Three had their faces partially covered with bandanas. 

"A guy was standing right here had a gun to me then it was another guy with the gun holding it to my buddy then pointed at me," he said. "Before I could turn around the guy came chasing me."

Kilcoyne has a broken nose, busted lip and broken fingers. He said the suspects hit him in the face with something but he is not sure what.

That was right before he said the suspects tied his hands and feet with duct tape, along with two others in the home.

The men wanted money from the safe upstairs. But Kilcoyne said there was no money in it and he didn't know the combination.  

The whole time, Kilcoyne's 11-year-old son Sean, was sleeping in his room. 

"A person in the middle of the night with a hoodie came into my room," said Sean, "I was most worried about my dad."

The men said they were going to kill Sean unless the safe was opened. 

That's when police arrived.

One guy was trying to jump out the window as Kilcoyne attempted to stop him.

"He was swinging by his underwear basically," said Kilcoyne. "When his underwear broke loose from my hand, he fell down."

The suspects did eventually escape and remain at large.  Police used a helicopter and K-9s to try to find the men.

A similar incident happened less than two months ago, said Kilcoyne.

He believes someone that is familiar with the family falsely believes they have money in the home.  

"I'm just a little worried about this house," Sean said. "It doesn't seem safe."