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UPDATE: Residents okay after house fire

Posted at 6:36 AM, May 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-11 22:58:52-04
Clark County firefighters responded to a house fire near Rainbow Boulevard and Flamingo Road Wednesday morning.
The family says they were asleep when the fire started, but neighbors saw the smoke, ran over, and woke everyone up. 
"It could have been horrendous. Worse than it was. All the animals and people are safe. That's the important thing now," neighbor Charles Cook said.

Homeowner John Guy told 13 Action News that the neighbors saved their lives.

"Things are replaceable," said resident Betty Lopez. "Thank god we have our life and nobody did get hurt and that's the blessing right there."

The homeowner says he and his family are alive because their neighbors came to the rescue. The family is now working on setting up a GoFundMe account. 
Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the flames.