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Hobby store target of thieves once again

Posted at 6:02 PM, Jan 31, 2016

A local hobby shop needs help tracking down a drone thief.

Surveillance video shows the thief smashing through the garage door of Friendly Hobbies on North Rancho Drive with a car. Then he moves in and take off with half a dozen drones.

This is the third time the store has been hit by thieves, including back in October.

The owner, Bryan Ward, says he has been trying to protect the store from burglaries, but they keep getting in. During the first burglary, the burglars got in through a window, so Ward installed metal bars.  The second time, they plowed through the garage, so he had post guards put in.  This third time, he says he'll do more.  

"This time we'll probably put something inside, maybe more ballards, so they won't see those if they smash it again, then they'll really hurt their car," Ward said.  

He is offering a $500 reward and free drone for information leading to the thief's arrest.