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College student's car smashed by hit-and-run driver

Crazy crash caught on camera
Posted at 6:17 PM, Jan 02, 2018

A local college student is scrambling to have a reliable ride after another driver hit her parked car, and then drove off.

Home surveillance video shows a vehicle at San Simeon and Eugene as it slams right into the driver's side of another car and keeps going.

The vehicle belongs to Samantha Scofield, a second-year law student at UNLV.

"A loud crash, like a car being crashed and I didn't imagine it would be mine. When I saw it I panicked," says Scofield. 

Scofield says it all happened around 10 p.m. New Years Eve as she joined her family to ring in 2018.

Scofield says everyone heard a loud boom and ran outside to see what happened. 

Everyone soon realizing, Samantha's car had been hit.

But as a busy college student with internships, Scofield says this is a setback with the new semester starting soon. She's hoping the video will help catch the driver.

"It's just that much harder because tuition is due in a week, so trying to pay that and tuition is just not an extra cost I was expecting to have."

Police are investigating the crash and are looking for the driver.