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Clinton holds rally at Springs Preserve

Posted at 11:35 PM, Oct 14, 2015

Fresh off Tuesday night's solid showing in the Democratic presidential debate at the Wynn, Hillary Clinton held a rally at Springs Preserve, highlighting what she believes are the differences between Democrats and Republicans running for office.

When the Democratic frontrunner took the stage, Clinton knew she was in a room full of her most loyal followers: women, undocumented immigrants, union workers and college students.
Clinton spoke to each of those groups individually, promising women she'd defend Planned Parenthood and close the gender pay gap. "There will be more money in the economy when women are paid fairly," Clinton told the crowd of a few hundred people.
She also promised union workers she would defend their right to organize and told college students she'd work to make education affordable and student debt more manageable. But the biggest issue of the night was immigration reform, and for many in the crowd, it was exactly what they came to hear.
"Being a UNLV student right now I am under DACA [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] which is the executive order that Obama passed, but even then I don't qualify for financial aid," said Mariana Sarmiento, an event-goer. "Look, I am undocumented but I do pay taxes. I'm a member of this community and I've been here for over 20 years."
Clinton told the crowd as President, not only would she push for comprehensive immigration reform at a legislative level, but she would defend the executive orders President Obama enacted.
Although there wasn't a critic in the room, there were some folks who began the night on the fence about which Democrat they'd want to see in the oval office. Most left with the same consensus: they'd be protected if Hillary were to win.
"She's somebody who understands how women feel and will champion them," said one supporter.
Clinton also spent a significant part of her stump speech talking about climate change and protecting the environment, touching on the advances Nevada has made in the solar industry and the sustainable infrastructure Las Vegas has built. She said as President, she would strive to move the rest of the country in that direction. 
The next Democratic debate is set for Saturday, November 14.