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Hillary Clinton speaks ahead of debate

Posted at 5:27 AM, Oct 13, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-13 08:27:34-04
The countdown is on: less than 24 hours until the Democratic presidential candidates face off on the Las Vegas strip. Already, the frontrunner is in town lending support to causes close to her campaign.
"I think you have a right to organize, you have a right to safe working conditions," Hillary Clinton told the crowd of Culinary Union Local 226 workers assembled in front of Trump Tower.
Union workers have been protesting in front of the hotel for days in response to claims from hotel employees that they're being intimidated out of unionizing. Employees say they're being suspended or fired when they try to organize for better pay, health benefits, pensions, and contracts.
"Mostly everybody wants it, but they're scared to come out here like us," said Raquel Kyle, a housekeeper at the hotel. "Maybe I'll be fired tomorrow (for speaking out), but I'm here, so don't be surprised if I'm fired tomorrow."
Ahead of the debate, Clinton seized the opportunity to knock the Republican frontrunner in front of his own hotel, speaking about his previous comments on immigrants and women. The commentary resonated with the crowd composed of Nevada's largest immigrant organization, about 55% women and 56% Latino. The Culinary Union also represents the lifeblood of the Las Vegas workforce, largely dependent on hospitality workers.
Union leaders say all the presidential candidates were invited, but only Clinton showed. "She showed up and she says she's supporting the workers today, and that was a really nice thing, but we invited everybody really," said Geoconda Aguello Kline, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 226.
Meanwhile on the strip, debate-goers are flocking into town, especially Clinton supporters from the LGBT and minority communities. Even for the tourists not here for the debate, visitors say the spectacle is something to marvel at.