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Hiker recovering after northwest Arizona fall

Posted at 7:55 PM, May 23, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-24 21:40:40-04

A missing hiker had to be rescued in northwestern Arizona over the weekend.

Mohave County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue units responded to Cane Beds in the Arizona Strip Saturday afternoon regarding a missing hiker.

Owners of a Bed & Breakfast in Cane Beds area reported the missing hiker. Deputies learned that Amber Kohnhorst, 25, of Rochester, Minnesota, checked into the B&B on Friday. Owners of the B&B advised Amber of hiking trails in the area when she inquired.
Kohnhorst departed for the Rose Cliffs trail at about 4:30 p.m. on Friday.  The following morning, the owners of the B&B noticed Kohnhorst had not returned from her hike as her rental car was still parked and her bed was not slept in. Friends of the owners of the B&B conducted a quick search of the area without locating Kohnhorst.

At that time, Mohave County Sheriff’s Office was contacted. Deputies and MCSO Search and Rescue responded. Search groups from Colorado City Fire Department also responded along with Department of Public Safety Ranger helicopter from Kingman.  

At about 7 p.m., Kohnhorst was located 50 feet below of an approximate 800 foot cliff north of Cane Beds Road and Rose Cliff Road. Apparently, she was hiking near the cliff when she slipped and fell approximately 100 feet onto a small ledge.

Kohnhorst suffered a possible back and head injury along with many bumps and bruises. She was knocked unconscious and awoke sometime during the night. She crawled approximately 50 feet back up until the terrain got too tough. Kohnhorst started blowing her whistle and screaming for help every half an hour. She eventually fell back to sleep.

Early Saturday evening Amber was awakened by the Department of Public Safety helicopter flying over her. A rescuer on board the helicopter heard her when she screamed for help.  A rope rescue team was assembled and was airlifted to the top of the cliff where they set up a rope system and rappelled a rescuer down to Kohnhorst.

Kohnhorst was then hoisted to the top of the cliff.

The helicopter could not land on top of the rugged cliff or mountaintop. They hovered over the area and Kohnhorst was loaded into the helicopter.  She was flown to the bottom to an awaiting ambulance and taken to Dixie Regional Medical Center.

Kohnhorst fractured her back and broke her nose in the fall. She stood up for the first time since the fall on Tuesday.