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Las Vegas high school senior confused over lack of teachers

Clark High School
Posted at 9:47 PM, Aug 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-10 17:50:35-04

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — It’s the first day of school, but where are all the teachers? That’s what a valley high school senior was wondering after he says one teacher didn’t show up for class with a few substitutes filling in for others.

“I was really confused.”

An unusual first day for school for Kameron Leyba. He showed up for his pre-calculus class at Clark High School only for his teacher to never show up.

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“Five minutes turned into ten minutes and we only had 20 minutes classes because we had eight classes, we needed to meet all of our teachers for,” he said.

It was a surprising moment leaving him and his classmates unsure of what to do. He texted his father who became concerned and called the office.

“So, I called the office and the office says, oh there’s no teacher in the class and I’m like there’s no teacher at all,” Jason Leyba said.

In fact, out of those classes, Kameron says a few had substitute teachers filling in with the actual teacher not there. He and his father felt the school didn’t seem prepared for the big day.

“It seemed like they were more organized last year when they were at home than here,” Jason Leyba said.

The Clark County School District wasn’t able to comment specifically on what happened at Clark High School but says they are actively trying to fill about 680 classroom teacher positions. Kameron says he understands if there’s a teacher shortage but says there needs to be accountability.

“I have to be here on time and I have to be there in each class on time. Why teachers feel like 'Oh I’ll show up when I want to,'” Kameron said.

His father says he wishes there could be better communication with parents from the school.

“They could have contacted the parents that they’re not going to have a teacher in this class just so we’re aware of the situation instead of leaving us all in the blind,” he said.

The district says they have 18,000 teachers working in the district right now and already had a major hiring event last week.