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UPDATE: Police complete trial to block entrances, crime down

Posted at 9:43 AM, Sep 29, 2017

UPDATE MAY 31: The county has been working with Las Vegas police to cut back on crime in the Sierra Sunrise neighborhood.  After a 90-day program, police say blocking entrances into the neighborhood has successfully cut back on crime.  

Police say street level violence in the neighborhood is down by 50% compared to this same time last year.  Street level violence includes aggravated assaults, robberies, and homicides.  

Police say firearm density has decreased by 63%, which includes crimes of discharging a firearm and shooting calls.  

Originally, the barriers were supposed to come down after the 90-day program ended on May 5.  The barriers are still up.  

13 Action News reached out to the county to see if the barriers have been made permanent, but have not yet heard back.  

UPDATE APRIL 4: A northeast neighborhood now only has one way in and one way out, and it could be cutting back on crime. 

The county recently blocked two of three entrances into the Sierra Sunrise neighborhood to try to cut back on crime.  They are about two months into their 90 day pilot program.  If it's successful, and they like the results, the county could vote to make it permanent.  

According to police, so far the program has been successful, but they are not releasing exact numbers of crime until the end of the 90 days. 

Some people living in the neighborhood don't feel the changes are necessary.  "Now it just seems like they're funneling people past a camera for no reason," says Dustin Gibson. 

Other people say they can already tell a difference. "It makes me feel safer," says one person who lives in the neighborhood. 

The program ends May 5. 

UPDATE NOV. 21: Clark County commissioners are expected to vote today on whether to block several entrances to the Sierra Sunrise neighborhood.

ORIGINAL STORY: A northeast Las Vegas neighborhood could soon have only one way in, and one way out.  Officials with Clark County say restricting vehicle access could help cut back on crime in the area.  However, some people living there think the strategy might have the opposite effect. 

The Sierra Sunrise neighborhood is near Lake Mead and Hollywood boulevards.  According to Crime Mapping, just in the past couple months, there has been several reports of assault, vandalism, and car break-ins. 

Now, county officials hope to make some changes.  They are considering blocking off two of the three entrances into the neighborhood.  Officials say they hope it can cut back on crime, giving criminals only one way in and out.  

Some people living in the neighborhood fear by blocking entrances, it also blocks police access, making it more difficult for them to respond when they're needed.  

"It's going to cause more violence," says one neighbor.  "If it's closed off, then there's only one way police can get in to actually protect people." 

The county is expected to discuss these changes next week.