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UPDATE: Thunderstorms leave trail of destruction through Henderson & Las Vegas

Posted at 7:22 PM, Jul 20, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-22 01:11:36-04

Dust, wind and thunderstoms that moved through the area put a damper on clean-up efforts for some neighborhoods in Henderson. Some residents were still without power as of Saturday afternoon.

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 A fast-moving thunderstorm left trees uprooted all through Henderson and the southeastern portion of Las Vegas and doing even more damage to other homes.

"We heard the roof go up. We heard the crack and the crash must have been when it hit the road over there," John Shaw said of sitting inside his house as the winds from the thunderstorm demolished his neighborhood.

That damage near Eastern Avenue and Serene Avenue included a large tree uprooted across from Shaw's home that had a nearly ten-foot-tall root ball.

Part of Shaw's roof was also ripped off, but the damage was nothing compared to the home next door that had the patio cover thrown over the house landing at least 150 feet into the road.

That home also had the rooftop air conditioner thrown shifter about 10 feet on the roof.

"We saw Bryan [Scofield] showing it [the storm] blowing up on the satellite, but by the time it hit we had to get away from the window because stuff was hitting the house and you could hear it bam, bam bam.  It was crazy," Shaw said.

Several homes in the neighborhood had their garage doors either ripped or bent.

Other damage throughout the valley included trees falling on cars.

One couple in Seven Hills had trees fall in their front and backyard.  One of them crushing their van.

The storm also knocked down 7 power poles on Sunset Road near Arroyo Grande Boulevard.

Downed trees throughout the southeastern portion of the Las Vegas valley also slowed traffic in areas.

PREVIOUS STORY: A power outage in Henderson is currently affecting 1,900 customers.

This is after over 20,000 people lost power during last night's storm.

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