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Man arrested in Henderson faked own kidnapping

Posted at 6:24 PM, Apr 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-21 02:21:23-04
A 36-year-old is in custody following the investigation into a deadly shooting in Henderson last week.
According to a declaration of arrest report, Brian Kenneth Kleynen was taken into custody at him home Tuesday.
The report alleges Kleynen admitted to having "planned and staged his own kidnapping for the purpose of deceiving and robbing his friend."
That friend, who is only identified as "Victim No.1" is long time manager at Ben Bridge Jeweler in The Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.
According to investigators on April 11, the victim received a series of calls and texts from his friend Brian Kleynen implying that "it was of dire importance to meet that evening."
The victim told police he waited outside his home for Kleynen to arrive. That's when a blue Nissan Maxima pulled up and an "unknown passenger" exited the vehicle demanding the victim get inside. When he refused the unknown man, now identified as Selvy Auston, showed Brian Kleynen zip-tied in the back seat.
Fearing for his friend's safety the victim got in the vehicle.
It was revealed that the driver, identified as Lanard Wilson, and Auston planned to access the jewelry store using the victim's keys.
The victim, who was zip-tied to the head rest told his captor he did not have the store keys on him. That's when Auston and Wilson began to argue and decided to return to the victim's home to retrieve his keys.
Fearing for his and his family's safety the victim managed to break free and grabbed a concealed gun on his hip.
Henderson police indicate the victim fired at the driver, causing the car to crash into a home on the 200 block of Trenier Drive. The victim reportedly shot at the passenger.
Both men died at the scene.
As for Brian Kleynen, cops found him sitting on the curb when they arrived. After a series of interviews and inconsistencies in his story it was determined he'd been planning the kidnapping and robbery for a number of weeks.
He was arrested and faces a number of felony charges including kidnapping, conspiracy kidnapping, conspiracy to commit a robbery with a deadly weapon and attempted robbery with a deadly weapon. His bail has been set at $170,000.
The jewelry store manager is not facing any charges.